Hunt Tests

SMESC Hunt Test Fall 2016


Thanks to everyone who helped make another successful SMESC hunt test! We had 35 dogs entered on Saturday and 33 on Sunday.

Special thanks to LuAnn & Roger Fullwood for pulling this all together and schlepping their trailer load of equipment to and fro. Susan Sullivan for all the secretarial stuff with AKC and entries and kitchen support. Frank Star for manning the kitchen and cooking the food to keep us going. John Ward for supporting us through this first event without him at the helm, for the use of his vehicle, and for getting chuckar for us. Ray & Carole Mealy for great soup as usual and getting us nice fat quail to test with. John & Judy Szarek for wonderful chili, for driving us around in that cool vehicle, and for wind proofing the pavilion. Mike Ryan for lineman work. Don Eck for his marshaling. Our gunners – John Thereault, Dave Hansroth, & Terry Orland for their great shots and lighthearted conversation. Our Judges John Lehman, Jerri Stanley, Will Kitts, Mike McCleary for all their honest opinions and energy throughout. Kim Lewis for entering all those well trained dogs and for not collapsing on the course from exhaustion . All those who donated to the raffle. There were some really generous donations –Dave Hansroth and Madeline Meharg especially went all out with the e-collar and the bag of doggie stuff. Lastly Special CONGRATULATIONS to STEPHANIE Martin for FINISHING MASTER HUNTER with LUNA & SENIOR HUNTER with CALI -impressive work!

We hope everyone had a great time. Don’t forget November 12 & 13 is our Field Trial same place. Please think about entering and/or coming down to help us put on another enjoyable event. For this one, we still need: someone to run the kitchen, bag birds, and a line marshal, along with food donations and items for another raffle. If you can help out with these or have any comments (good or not so good) feel free to contact me.

Best wishes,
Jessica Conaway
Southern Maryland English Setter Club

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